SLASA trained 45 farmers on crutches in 2022, most of whom have gone on to setup farms and enterprises in their communities.
This transformation from disability into opportunity starts on the three-acre farm during a one-week course of training. Participants leave not only with knowledge but also with tools and seeds and a small amount of cash to permit them to start farming at home. As well as earning a living, they become changemakers in their communities, generating respect in the process.
Those we helped
Amodu Amara
Amodu Amara also trained in November 2022 and is intercropping cucumber, maize, and okra - feeding his family, selling the surplus and sharing his knowledge with his community. He is an Amputee footballer and farmer. He lives in Bo City. In the video he is introducing his farm after the training course. He said, he is planting cucumber, maize, and okra and he is practicing the sustainable agriculture training he just learnt from the SLASA. Today he is saying, "my family can earn 50 Leones (£2) very early in the morning just on vegetable sales for money for our pocket and in addition we take home some harvest for family consumption. The community say that they admire him. He is speaking Creole but you will pick out words like "sustainable agriculture", "hard work" and "admired"!
Saffa and Mariatu
Saffa lost an arm and Mariatu lost a leg during the war. Meeting on a training course they decided to share their lives together on a four-acre farm producing rice and vegetables and to share their knowledge with their local community.
Makieu Lahai
Makieu Lahai is now one of the trainers on the course.
Aminata Bellay
16-year-old Aminata Bellay was trained in November 2022 and returned home to prepare her own garden where she works with her grandma to grow maize and vegetables.